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FROM 30 MHz TO 18 GHz


Antenna design and Manufacturing Corporation’s BROADBAND LOG-PERIODIC DIPOLE ANTENNAS are designed for RFI/EMI Testing per MIL-STD- 461/462, Tempest Testing, Surveillance, frequency Management and Electronic warfare applications in the frequency range from 30 MHz to 18 GHz.  Antennas above 100 MHz are of variable slant, linearly polarized and produces fully developed unidirectional radiation pattern at all frequencies, with front to back ratio of 18 dB.  The antenna has a nominal gain of 7 dBi and has a typical VSWR of 2:1 over most of the frequency range.  The antenna is capable of handling up to 200 Watts of CW power.


The construction of the LPDA’s for use from 30 MHz is for permanent deployment and above 100 MHz is for easy deployment and to withstand the rigors of tactical portable use.  The antenna consists of an aluminum boom and a set of removable dipole elements of various lengths which screw into appropriate threaded holes on the boom.  The LPDA’s above  1 GHz are radome covered to protect the dipoles elements from damage due to its small physical nature.  The LPDA’s can be used in shielded rooms or out-of-doors.  For extended out door use the antenna can be painted (option).  All the aluminum parts are irradiated for corrosion resistance.


The antenna mounts directly to the optional universal joint made of dielectric material delrin on the support mast, permitting elevation and polarization adjustment form –90 to + 90 degrees.  The entire antenna assembly requires no tools for assembly.




Frequency:                                                       30 MHz to 18 GHz

VSWR:                                                            2:1

Power:                                                             200 Watts

Polarization:                                                      Linear and Continuously adjustable from

                                                                        +/- 90 degrees

Pattern:                                                 Unidirectional

Gain:                                                                7 dBi minimum

F to B ratio:                                                      18 to 20dB

Impedance:                                                       50 ohms

RF Connector:                                                  Type “N” or SMA female

Size & Weight:                                     Consult sales department

Finish:                                                               Iridite finish

Color:                                                               White or specify the color









Model              Frequency Range (MHz)              Gain (dBi)


                 LPD-330/A                          30 TO 300                                       7.0      

                 LPD-510/A                          50 TO 1000                                     7.0

                 LPD-630/A                          60 TO 300                                       6.5

                 LPD-1030/A           100 TO 3000                              7.0

                 LPD-210/A             200 TO 1000                              7.5

                 LPD-2040/A           225 TO 400                                     7.0

                 LPD-410/A                         400 TO 1000                                   7.5

                 LPD-18/A                    1000 TO 8000                                  7.0

                 LPD-112/A                  1000 TO 12000                                7.0

                 LPD-118/A                  1000 TO 18000                                7.0

                 LPD-218/A                  2000 TO 18000                                7.0


Note:  DUAL POLARIZED LPD’S are available from the above list.




1.      Wood Tripod, Model TP-1

2.      Universal Joint, Model UJ-1

3.      Custom antennas to customers frequency and power gain and power handling requirements at no additional cost

4.      High power handling

5.      White color paint or specify the color