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Antenna Design and Manufacturing Corporation’s VHF/UHF LINE OF SIGHT COMMUNICATION ANTENNAS are broadband dipoles designed for ground-air-ground, air traffic control and base communication applications in the VHF frequency ranges from 30 to 90 MHz and 118 to 1741 MHz, VHF/UHF frequency range from 400 to 1000 MHz.  The broadband  single or multiple collinear dipole is linearly polarized and produces omni-directional radiation pattern, with a nominal gain of 0  dBi minimum over the frequency range of operation.  The dipole antenna is capable of handling 200 Watts of CW power and has SWR of 2.5:1.0 over the frequency range.


The construction of the antenna is such as to render it capable of with standing the rigors of ships, vehicle top mounting and tactical transportable usage in the most hostile environments like wind loading with ice, temperature extremes, vibration and shock.  The radiating elements of the dipole are treated for corrosion resistance and are protected from weather by a fiberglass radome housing.  The antenna is fit for use in marine and other atmosphere.


Also available are phased arrays of 2 or 4 dipoles in an assembly for 3 or 6 dB additional gain.




Frequency Range:                          30 to 90 MHz, 115 to 162 MHz 118 to 136                                                                  MHz, 136 to 150 MHz, 118 to 174 MHz,                                                               136 to 174 MHz, 225 to 450 MHz and 400                                                                  to 1000 MHz

Polarization:                                           Vertical

Radiation Pattern:                                   Omni-directional with in +/- 1 dB

Elevation Beamwidth:                              65 degrees minimum

Impedance:                                             50 Ohms

SWR:                                                     2.5:1

Power Gain:                                           0 dBi

Power Handling:                                     200 Watts CW

RF Connector:                                       Type “N” female

Isolation:                                                25 dB minimum for multiple antennas

Temperature:                                        -28 to +70 deg C

Vibration:                                              MIL-STD-167

Shock:                                                  MIL-STD-901C

Wind:                                                   100 MPH wind with ˝” radial ice

Humidity:                                              100%

                                                                                    No. Inputs

            Model                                                       VHF             UHF


            BDA-3090/A                                             1                   0

            BDA-136/A                                              1                    0

            BDA-150/A                                              1                    0

            BDA-174/A                                              1                    0

            BDA-240/A                                              0                    1

            BDA-410/A                                              0                    1

            CDA-2V                                                   2                   0

            CDA-2U*                                                 0                   2

            CDA-U/V                                                 1                   1

            CDA-2U/V                                               1                   2

            CDA-U/2V                                               2                   1

            CDA-2U/2V                                             2                   2

            ADMC-66/1 (AS2956-GRC)                   0                   1


Please contact sales department for information on height, diameter, weight and mounting details.


*Note:  Model CDA-2U has provision to mount AS-390 antenna on the top.